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~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~
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Realising potential through partnership

~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~

Scheme of Delegation


The Academy Board is accountable in law for all major decisions about Faringdon Academy of Schools (FAoS) and its future. The delegation of tasks will enable local accountability and a sharing of responsibilities. A decision grid has been used to show the level at which a task can or must be actioned and if it can be delegated to whom the board has delegated it to.


The following guidance on delegation is summarised from our Articles of Association (source Article referenced):

The Directors may delegate to any Director, committee (including any Local Governing Body), the CEO or any other holder of an executive office, such of their powers or functions as they consider desirable.  Any such delegation shall be made subject to any conditions the Directors may impose, and may be revoked or altered (Article 105).


The power of delegation exercised under Article 105 in relation to the establishment of a Local Governing Body for an Academy shall be by way of a Scheme of Delegation (Article 102) and the functions and proceedings of the Local Governing Bodies shall be subject to regulations made by the Directors (Article 104).


The Directors may delegate to the CEO such powers and functions as they consider are required for the internal organisation, management and control of the Academies (including the implementation of all policies approved by the Directors and for the direction of the teaching and curriculum at the Academies) (Article 107C).


Roles and Responsibilities

The central purpose of the Scheme of Delegation is to ensure that the roles and responsibilities and precise accountabilities are absolutely clear at all levels.


All those with governance and management responsibilities must be familiar with this Scheme of Delegation so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure there is sufficient and proper challenge of those with leadership responsibilities, to ensure that senior leaders are held to account for the performance of the Academies and that there is financial stability within the Trust.

FAoS Scheme of Delegation for Governance Functions 2019-20