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~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~
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Realising potential through partnership

~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~

Our Schools


Faringdon Academy of Schools is a Multi-Academy Trust, which consists of eight schools; one secondary, one junior, one infant and five primary schools.  We have a shared ethos, common values and collective goals.  We work together to ensure that everyone within our organisation achieves the very best they can. 


Our family of schools currently consists of:


Faringdon Community College

Faringdon Infant School

Faringdon Junior School

Buckland Primary School

John Blandy Primary School

Longcot and Fernham Primary School

Shrivenham Primary School

Watchfield Primary School


The Academy history begins in 2012, when the three schools in Faringdon joined together to form a small Multi-Academy Trust, to improve their already close educational links.  In 2014, Faringdon Academy of Schools expanded when the five other schools, within the catchment of FCC, joined the Trust. 


Under the "Faringdon Partnership" banner, all Academy schools, Headteachers, staff and pupils had previously worked together on many educational programmes and in-service training activities.  This strong working foundation has been built upon to create the exciting Multi-Academy Trust of today. 


The Trust strongly believes that each school should maintain its own distinct ethos and identity and also be fully embedded within its own local community, working with the support of each school's Local Governing Body. 


Faringdon Academy of Schools has high ambitions for all of its schools. It wants to achieve the highest of academic standards and strives for excellence in teaching and learning.   In order to do this, the Academy has a school improvement team, which works closely with all schools to improve the classroom experience for all of our pupils.  All of our schools are currently rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted. 


The strength of the Trust comes from our collaboration as a group of schools.  Our motto is: Support, Challenge, Collaborate.  We believe that this is important to add value to all of our members schools and provide a breadth of opportunity for our pupils that could never be replicate by an individual school. 


The Academy provides a varied, school-wide programme across the year consisting of:

  • sports competitions and festivals such as cross-school sports such as cross country, TAG rugby, netball, football, basketball, tennis and ultra-olympics. 
  • Sports Leadership Programme at FCC
  • Festival of Voices
  • Stem projects such as Year 3 ball bearing maze building,  Year 4 balloon powered cars, Year 5 Flight Day
  • Junior engineering day
  • Academy Pupil Voice / Student Council
  • Debating competition


We have a central administrative structure that is designed to take a number of routine tasks away from the Headteacher, thus allowing schools to focus their energies on their core activity.  The Central Team includes support for building repairs, HR and health and safety. 


Faringdon Academy of Schools is a dynamic, forward thinking organisation committed to safeguarding our pupils and ensuring that every young person in our schools has the best educational experience possible.