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~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~
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Realising potential through partnership

~~~~~ All schools within FAoS are rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted ~~~~

Ethos and Vision


Our Academy Trust will create a seamless experience for our pupils across all key stages to develop responsible, capable and confident young people who are active citizens of the 21st century. We will achieve outstanding progression and maximise pupil achievement through a focus on teaching and learning and the provision of a balanced and motivating curriculum enriched by a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. We will enable the Academy to develop and grow in such a way as to ensure the sustainability of the Trust as a whole and by adding value to each partner school so that the sum is always greater than the individual parts.


Our ambition is for our Academy Trust to be recognised by our staff, parents and local communities as a provider of educational excellence within a safe, creative and ethical environment reinforced through a vibrant community dimension.


The Academy is a group of geographically separate schools linked by a common purpose and direction. Each school retains its distinct identity and maintains close links with its host community and thus contributes to the combined experience and wisdom of the whole. In its pursuit of educational excellence, the Academy Board seeks to harness this through a committed staff led by an outstanding educationist.


We aim to embrace the values of inclusivity and provide the opportunity for every student to realise his or her full potential.


The Academy is committed to maintaining a unique identity for every school within the FAoS Trust and to upholding the Christian ethos of our church schools.


We will be a place where the values, which we promote for ourselves as an organisation, should always be matched by those that we practice when relating to others.