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Our Members and Directors

Our Members

We are required to have 4 Members.  Our Members are:

Gordon Joynor; Member representing the DBE; Date of Appointment 1st November 2013

Anthony Cook; Member with Primary Experience; Date of Appointment 13th June 2016

Liz Holmes; Chair of Directors; Date of Appointment 14th September 2017

Bob Wintringham; Member with Secondary Experience; Date of Appointment 25th September 2017

The Board of Directors  

The Board consists of 12 Directors. They represent the interests and views of all the Academy schools at Board level. They are essentially responsible for the day to day running of the 'company'.


The Board of Directors consists of:

  • 8 Directors appointed by Members of which there shall be:
    • 2 or more Directors with Secondary Experience.

    • 2 or more Directors with Primary Experience. One of these shall be a Head of a Primary school within FAoS.

    • 4 additional Directors appointed by Members.

  • 3 or more Directors appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)
  • The Executive Head


There are currently a number of vacancies:

  • 1 LGB representative/ proposed by LGB on the Performance and Standards Committee.


To find out more information or if you would like to apply for any of these posts please complete the Application Form.

Our current Board of Directors:
Resigned/ End of Term

John Kirk: Resigned 1st February 2018

Nicola Ferguson: Resigned 8th June 2018