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Realising potential through partnership

Nicola Ferguson

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Having been a governor at FJS for over four years, I have a good understanding of primary governance and the issues faced by schools. My reason for becoming a governor was to help ensure that every child gets an excellent, well-rounded education, no matter what their start in life, and this continues to drive my passion for school governance. I have always had a focus on Performance & Standards, whether through the sub-committee or with some of the areas I focused on specifically, including PPG, Reading and SPAG.


As a school governor, I also understand the importance of engagement both with parents and the wider community and I believe this is one of the challenges that the Academy continues to face as it develops and as Faringdon and the neighbouring towns grow. With three children in Academy schools, I am also a ‘customer’ of FAoS, which I feel brings a different and important perspective.


My professional role is in marketing management, and as such the transferable skills that I have include marketing and communication, but also the ability to think strategically. It is this broader view of education in Faringdon and the surrounding areas, and being able to help shape what education in the area looks like in the future that particularly interested me in the Academy. I believe that the schools gain a lot of added value from being stronger together than as separate entities.


Attendance at Full Board Meetings 2016/17: 2/3

Term of office: 2nd March 2017 - 1st March 2021 (4yrs)
Membership Type: Appointed by Member